Business Group
Local Plants
  • Summit Auto Body Industry  (Headquarters)
  • Summit Auto Body Industry  (Rojana Industrial Park)
  • Summit Auto Tech Industry (Samutprakarn)
  • Summit Laemchabang Auto Body Work (Laemchabang Industrial Estate)
  • Summit Laemchabang Auto Body Work (Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate)
  • Summit R&D Center (Research & Development Center)
  • Summit Auto Body Skill Development Center (Training Center)​
  • Summit Advanced Materials (Coil Center)
Overseas Plants
  • PT   Summit Adyawinsa 
  • PT.  Sejong Summit Indonesia 
Joint Venture
  • ​​Amata Summit Ready Built Co., Ltd.  (Ready Built Factory)
  • Autopair Co.,Ltd (Automotive Aftermarket Trading Platform)
  • Bangkok Eagle Wings Co., Ltd.  (Stamping & Machining Parts)
  • Complete Auto Parts Co., Ltd.  (Assembly Plastic, Steel, Zinc, Brass and Machining Part)
  • Complete Auto Rubber Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  (Rubber Parts)
  • Central Motor Wheel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  (Steel Wheels)
  • Hiruta & Summit Co., Ltd.  (Stamping Parts)
  • Hitachi Astemo Chonburi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. (Power Steering)
  • Hitachi Astemo Chonburi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (Shock Absorber)
  • Hyundai Glovis Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Logistics)
  • PT. Summit Adyawinsa (Indonesia)  (Press Part)
  • PT. Sejong Summit Indonesia (Exhaust hot-end)
  • Sankei Summit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  (Exhaust System, Door Sash)
  • Steel Alliance Service Center Co., Ltd.  (Steel Material, Coil Center)
  • Summit Ansei Auto Parts Co., Ltd.   (Door & Hood Latches)
  • Summit Chugoku Seira Co., Ltd.  (Automotive Nuts & Bolts)
  • Summit Keylex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  (Assembly Parts)
  • Summit Kurata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  (Machining Parts)
  • Summit Lenso Aerospace Co., Ltd. (Aircraft Parts)
  • Summit Nich Co., Ltd.  (Roadbike)
  • Summit Otsuka Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  (Parking Brake)
  • Summit Steering Wheel Co., Ltd.  (Steering Wheels and Knob Gears)
  • Thai Progress Rubber Co., Ltd.  (Rubber Parts)
  • Thai Steel Cable Public Company Limited  (Control Cables and Window Regulator)

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